Project Site

  • The Project site consists of two parcels of land totaling 186 acres in Charles City County, Virginia
  • The Project site is approximately 17 miles east of Richmond, Virginia and approximately 80 south of Washington D.C.
  • The Project site is in area zoned M-2 for Heavy Industrial and is currently open land primarily comprised of agricultural fields, fallow land and small forested area
  • Directly to the west of the power block portion of the Project is the existing Chickahominy substation, which is to be the point of interconnection (POI)
  • The site is located to the east of State Road 106 and fronts Chambers/Landfill Road along its northern boundary
  • Existing VNG Natural Gas pipeline runs adjacent to the Project footprint
  • Existing VNG Natural Gas compressor station immediately adjacent to facility

Chickahominy Power Project Site Map